Chuck and Charlie

Three recent hires for Bloomberg’s reelection campaign have made news: Schumer aide Stu Loeser, Dennis Rivera aide Patrick Brennan, and Harlem Assembleyman Keith Wright aide Terence Tolbert.

These were interpreted as a hint at a Rivera endorsement and as a slap at Gifford Miller, who tried to hire Terence.

But we’re told that the right way to interpret the hirings is as gestures from two powerful congressional Democrats that they’ll offer only token opposition to the mayor.

Stu, obviously, is Schumer’s communications director. Patrick is the younger brother of Chuck’s talented state director, Martin Brennan. Add to that that the fact that Chuck’s wife, Iris Weinshall, is one of Bloomberg’s commissioners, and the fact that Mike and Chuck get along, and we find it hard to imagine the Senator throwing himself into the battle this fall.

Charlie Rangel is a more interesting case. We’re pretty sure that Terence, who is in Rangel’s Harlem sphere, wouldn’t have taken the job over Rangel’s opposition. The mayor has also energetically courted Rangel along with another Harlem titan, David Dinkins.

You could, if you wanted, take these two crypto-endorsements as a backhanded vote of confidence in Freddy Ferrer. If Chuck really thought his protege and former aide, Anthony Weiner, was the likely nominee, he might stand a bit further back. Ditto for Rangel and his old friend C. Virginia Fields. Bloomberg’s aides clearly expect to face Ferrer, and these Democrats apparently do too. Chuck and Charlie