Dicker-Farrell Fracas

So Fredric U. Dicker these days is making as much news as he’s reporting.

After Dicker reported this morning that the New York State Democratic Party Chairman, Denny Farrell, is expecting a child with his partner — we’re not sure this is news, but never mind, what follows is — what ensued was a fracas!

AP reports that Farrell stormed into Dicker’s office during Dicker’s daily radio show, and began the following exchange:

“I just came in to let your radio listeners know what a piece of slime that you are,” Farrell declared in the Post’s state Capitol office where Dicker was broadcasting his morning show. “You’re a bully.”

Dicker defended his handling of the story and at one point took the microphone from Farrell and told him:

“You’re the head of the Democratic Party and you’re acting like some street character. Obviously, you’re a little bit out of control here, Mr. Farrell.” Dicker-Farrell Fracas