Dicker’s Double

We had almost been convinced to desist from our extensive coverage of Fredric Uberall Dicker. One friend even suggested to us that we’d “created a monster,” though Dicker told us on his radio show that he’s been a monster all along.

But then we learned he has an impersonator.

On Eliot Spitzer’s rowdy discussion board, Spitzer aide Cindy Darrison writes:

“I’ve been inundated with e-mails asking me if Fred Dicker, the highly respected NY Post reporter, really posted all those messages on our website, asking about casino gambling in just about every discussion group and message board, regardless of the topic of the particular discussion group or message board. No, it’s not Fred Dicker! It is an extremely rude visitor to the website who is using his name.”

Well, if the visitor’s uncouth, it can’t be the highly respected Dicker!

(via Dr. Albany.) Dicker’s Double