Donnie Fowler’s P.R. Problem

Hillary Clinton isn’t the only Democratic candidate dousing P.R. fires sparked by the indictment Friday of her former campaign finance director, David Rosen.

Donnie Fowler, the candidate for D.N.C. chairman, has literally erased his ties to the fallen fund-raiser.

On Dec. 22nd, Mr. Fowler’s P.R. team posted a press release on its website announcing the members of the Fowler finance team:

“Today, Donnie Fowler, candidate for Democratic National Committee Chairman, announced the leadership of his National Finance Team. … Joining the Fowler Campaign as National Finance Directors are former Kerry Eastern Finance Director Stephanie Berger and former Wesley Clark presidential campaign Mid-Atlantic Finance Director Rachel Hirschberg. Former Clark campaign Midwestern Finance Director David Rosen will also serve on the committee.” [Ital. added]

But now that tell-tale last line is missing from the press release. Gone! It seems that shortly after the bad news of Mr. Rosen’s indictment hit the wires, one of Mr. Fowler’s campaign elves went back to the old press release and removed Mr. Rosen’s name. Deleted him. Erased him. Expunged all evidence of him. Poof! No more Mr. Rosen, no more P.R. problem.

… And critics say this Fowler guy is an amateur! Donnie Fowler’s P.R. Problem