Eatin’ Crow

The Politicker is deeply committed to the principles of Truth, Honesty, and Moral Probity. So when we learn that we have made an error — either of omission or commission — we like to own up to the mistake and correct the record as quickly as possible.

Last week we posted an item, titled “Washington on the Hudson,” about the Ferrer campaign’s hiring of former Kerry spokesman Chad Clanton as its new P.R. maestro. We tried to do our best with the post, but we made one grievous mistake: we suggested that the members of Team Ferrer favor the retro-style hipster hangout Mayrose diner, when, in fact, they favor the more humbly-priced alterkocker hangout Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop. A closet-sized greasy-spoon that’s been clogging arteries since the Great Depression, Eisenberg’s is famous for making egg creams and tuna melts just like your bubbe did. (We, however, recommend the matzo ball soup).

We can’t imagine how we mistook the Ferrer folks for Mayrose people when they are so clearly hot pastrami types, but we apologize for the error. And from here on out: we’ll see you at Eisenberg’s. Eatin’ Crow