Freddy Buys An Idea

We don’t mean to be harsh here, but there’s something a little odd about a veteran public official in the capital of American ideas paying for pre-packaged policies from out of state.

But that seems to be what Freddy Ferrer, until recently the president of a think tank, is doing. His campaign filing includes $55,000 to a West Chester, Pennsylvania company called Brain Storm. It’s a political consulting firm run by the former issues director of Bob Graham‘s ill-fated presidential campaign, Eric Schnurer, according to the clips. The company does policy research, generates ideas, and writes position papers.

We’ll leave the snarkiness about outsourcing to Freddy’s rivals, and just wonder if there weren’t enough smart wonks in New York, and if the good people at the Drum Major Institute didn’t have any time at all to spare. Freddy Buys An Idea