Fundraising Numbers

Aides to the mayoral candidates are putting out rough campaign cash totals today:

Miller: $4.3 million ($1 million this period)
Ferrer: $2.6 million ($1.2 million this period)
Weiner: $1.7 million ($1 million raised this period, $226,000 transferred)
Fields: $1.1 million ($215,000 this period)

(These aren’t perfect numbers — they include some rounding by the campaigns and by us.)

To our mind, this puts to rest the annoying “Freddy can’t raise money” story. Weiner’s spin, meanwhile, is that 78% of his money comes from the outer boroughs.

The mayor’s line of attack was in the State of the City: “It isn’t about how much money you can spend. It’s about what you owe if you take the money.”

Fundraising Numbers