Giff Is So Tired

We admit it: We are more likely to read Henry Stern’s smart, quirky little essays than we are to read the publications of the Office of the New York State Comptroller, unlike some of our sharp-witted colleagues. We admire in particular the attachment Stern has to the first person plural.

We realize that he’s not a must-read for everyone, however, so we bring you this from his analysis of Gifford Miller’s testimony in Albany yesterday:

“When [Miller] says, ‘This is the fourth time I’ve appeared before you to talk about the governor’s budget. And, frankly, I’m tired of appearing before this committee every year and asking you to do the job that New York City’s mayor ought to be doing,’ we appreciate his frankness, but frankly, if he is this tired at 35, what will he be next year, when he will be 36, and if he happens to be elected mayor, will have to return to the committee to ask for money for the city. And who else will there be for him to denounce?” Giff Is So Tired