Glover Park Party

Cindy Adams we are not, so fortunately for our blogging career, New York is the site of very few political parties like the Glover Park Group‘s Soho House celebration last night.

On the boldface names front, Senator Clinton was poised and apparently unfazed by the Chertoff appointment. Joe Lockhart was looking well-rested and prosperous. And, on the local front, Gifford Miller‘s new campaign manager, Brian Hardwick, showed his bearded face (to us at least) for the first time, and Ferrer adman David Axelrod his mustachioed one. Howard and Gigi presided ably.

The marriage of politics and cool (though better-informed Observer reporters than this one inform us that Soho House isn’t what it was a couple of years ago) is always a slightly awkward one. The first sign of a breach was Russell Crowe at the bar; then, around 7:30, the beautiful people started wandering in and eyeing the politicos with unconcealed disdain. Glover Park Party