Hillary and the Bloggers

The liberal bloggers, who lean heavily toward Howard Dean, are starting to bridle at hints that the Clintons are sabotaging his bid for Democratic National Committee chairman.

Here’s the sort of stuff that’s popping up on one of the most-read sites, Daily Kos:

“I asked a DNC member I know personally, what he thought about Dean’s chances. He said there is really one main impediment and gave a very simple, direct suggestion for activists. He said, ‘you need to apply tremendous pressure to Hillary.’ I asked, ‘Are you saying she’s in the way?’ He replied: “Yes!” (via MyDD)

Hillary has shown an incredible capacity to tack right while retaining the affection of traditional liberals, but the liberal bloggers are a younger, newer group without those loyalties. These guys aren’t going to make or break a Clinton candidacy, but they’re not enemies she needs either. It’ll be interesting to see whether the Clintons can scupper Dean’s bid without leaving fingerprints, or making enemies. Hillary and the Bloggers