Jordan’s Last Lunch

The New York Times’s recently departed City Hall Bureau Chief, Jennifer Steinhauer, makes a cameo in the “Dining In” section today with her guide to City Hall area lunch spots.

We’re glad she gives some ink to three underappreciated restaurants, Le Zinc, Kitchenette (where “turkey meatloaf makes a sad day happy”), and the indispensable Pakistani Tea House, source of the second-best curried goat on its block of Church Street.

We’d add only Dim Sum Go Go on Chatham Square to her list.

And be sure not to miss her review of Shore, a French place on Murray:

“Jordan Barowitz, the deputy press secretary to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, and I spent one of my final City Hall lunches tucking into lobster rolls, oysters and Shore ale (sorry, Mr. Mayor) at a booth with a porthole. I cannot call it the best lobster roll in town, but the company was cheerful, the beer was frosty, and the dimly lighted bar told of better days to come beyond the center of municipal power.” Jordan’s Last Lunch