Loeser of Two Evils

The Times reported in this Saturday scoop that the Bloomberg campaign will hire a Dennis Rivera aide and Chuck Schumer‘s spokesman, Stu Loeser. The story describes the redoubtable Stu as “a Democratic political operative who worked for [Mark] Green in his bid against Mr. Bloomberg in 2001.”

Now that’s true. But it’s not all. Stu was Mark Green‘s opposition researcher. (Remember all that sexual harassment stuff? Remember “Kill It”?) He was also a familiar face at Bloomberg events, making sure to catch everything on tape, and his colleagues recall his having an encyclopedic recall of Hevesi, Bloomberg, and Ferrer dirt.

“It’s a plus for Bloomberg both because Stu is first-rate and because the mayor can save the money he’d have to spend for research Stu already did on him,” Green emailed us today.

What’s more, we hear Stu’s got quite a book on Freddy. Loeser of Two Evils