Mike Can’t Be Bought (But He Accepts Donations)

Don’t mistake this Daily News Sunday piece for a feel-good story about corporate charity.

The article offers a suggestion on how to buy influence with a Bloomberg administration that prides itself on being impenetrable to lobbyists. A number of developers, in particular, seem to find it wise to give to the mayor’s favorite charity, the Mayor’s Fund To Advance New York City:

“[S]ome donors have business links to the city – raising eyebrows among good-government groups, since the mayor has called for strict curbs on donations from city contractors to candidates in the campaign-finance program.”

The story expands on a theme the Times explored in November with a story about Dan Doctoroff’s old friend, developer Steve Ross. You can see similar things happening around fundraising for the Republican National Convention.

We’d suggest that a useful place to find more people looking to endear themselves to the mayor and Doctoroff would be here, a list of the donors to NYC2012.

Mike Can’t Be Bought (But He Accepts Donations)