Nobody in Washington Heights

We’re not always a big fan of the Daily News’s front-page editorializing, but we thought they had it just right this morning.

“Transit Authority President Larry Reuter yesterday predicted it will take the TA three to five years – that’s right, three to five years – to repair the fire damage that’s shut the C line and cut A service by two-thirds. He’s got to be kidding, or he’s got to be fired.”

But while the News was on it, where were the guys who are running for mayor? If you live in Washington Heights in particular, the crippling of the A/C line is a major disaster. You might as well be commuting from Westchester.

Miguel Martinez, who represents Washington Heights in the City Council, told us he was also puzzled by the absence of Messrs Bloomberg, Ferrer, et al at his neighborhood subway stations this morning, where some politicians might have been found comforting commuters and calling for a quick interim solution. Bloomberg spent today in Queens and Staten Island, two boroughs barely effected by the mess; Anthony gave a speech on the West Side; and Freddy’s due in Lower Manhattan this afternoon.

“Nobody was there,” Martinez said. “If I was running for mayor, that would have been an issue that I would have jumped on.”

Nobody in Washington Heights