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So, God help us, Howard Dean made these fashionable, and so why shouldn’t Gifford Miller, Fernando Ferrer, Eliot Spitzer and many others have their own. Maybe not quite the Bloomberg Way…but it’s a taste of how this mayor’s race and all the other local ones will pick up all the tools and fads that burst out in the Democratic presidential primary.

So far, the candidate blogs are scrubbed clean of personality. Gifford’s is, cleverly, written by wife Pamela and brother Marshall, but that’s where the fun ends. “Over the last few days, Gifford led the City Council in taking a number of important steps…”

Freddy’s and Eliot’s are written by the candidates, and mostly travelogues and chronicles of every Genesee Assemblywoman they’ve encountered. Eliot’s offers two highlights: free access to his recent New Republic piece which offers a glimpse of a more populist politician than he used to be; and an extremely lively discussion section with uncensored comments.

“Eliot Spitzer is, I am afraid, a fraud,” read one recent item, and today’s entertaining Associated Press story notes both Spitzer ’08 presidential speculation and the porn somebody posted to the site the day Spitzer declared he was running for governor.

We’re impressed that the people at 895 Broadway are being so laid back about this.

As for Freddy, he hasn’t been doing much blogging, but in general he’s all about being an everyman and his photos certainly back that up. A favorite. Official Blog