Remember That Pier?

We’ve long thought that the NYPD’s clumsy, and perhaps illegal, detention of protesters (and random people standing near them) on a West Side pier during the Republican National Convention was more of a black eye for the mayor than City Hall really noticed, amid the general relief that there was no rioting or terror during the convention. At the time, Bloomberg compounded the sense that he has a blind spot on the First Amendment by comparing protesters to terrorists, which we griped about at great length here.

Now Newsday has a telling piece of a storyline that will play out through the election, as lawsuits pile up and details emerge:

“[Police Commissioner Ray Kelly had pledged July 25 in a written agreement that the West 15th Street pier would be used only as a “secondary” facility, records show. Instead, Hudson River Park Trust director Connie Fishman complained, just about every detainee was being held there.” Remember That Pier?