Smoking Mad At Freddy

We much enjoyed the first, peculiar round of stories about Freddy Ferrer’s big supporters in the cigar business. As the Financial Times, of all outlets, first reported, the publisher of Cigar Aficionado raised more than $25,000 for Ferrer.

And in spite of the money, Freddy still backed the smoking ban. Our old friends at the New York Sun ran that story under the headline, “Ferrer Will Take A Powder on Ban On Smoking.”

Now we see this press release, from the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids:

Fernando Ferrer Should Return Tobacco Cash
Statement of William V. Corr
Executive Director, Tobacco-Free Kids Action Fund

We were disappointed to learn that Fernando Ferrer has accepted campaign contributions from tobacco company executives for his mayoral campaign.

We call on Mr. Ferrer to immediately return all contributions received from tobacco interests. Accepting tobacco contributions sends the wrong message about his priorities when it comes to tobacco policy.


We hope that all candidates for Mayor will stand up to big tobacco by rejecting their campaign cash and join the overwhelming majority of New York City voters in support of the city’s highly popular smoke-free law.

Smoking Mad At Freddy