State of the Campaign

Up at Hostos Community College in the Bronx, Mayor Bloomberg delivered that State of the City Address we were talking about. He stood in front of a George W. Bush-style backdrop with themes written on it, flanked by reg’lar people with moving stories. Consider the backdrop a map of the reelection campaign:

“City of Opportunity” read the big letters; “Safer Streets” was a bit more prominent than “Helping Others.” And “Quality of Life” and “Safer Schools” were hanging around the fringes.

“Big West Side Stadium” wasn’t on the backdrop, though we thought we caught a passing reference (page 15 of 21 in the printed text) to a “Sports and Convention Center.”

The mayor did some alarming shouting at times but, otherwise, the speech was really remarkably news-free. We eagerly await the efforts of our colleagues in the press to make something of it.

But we suspect that C. Virginia Fields is nearly alone in this perception, which begins her prepared response:

“This was an effective political speech.” State of the Campaign