The Fine Line

You’d think that the day the New York Times calls you about fishy money orders in your campaign account might be the day you’re extra careful about how you run your campaign for Mayor.

So we were surprised to see that the person quoted defending Anthony Weiner in the money order story — “We’re confident that we have an appropriate vetting process.” — was Anson Kaye, who is on the staff of the United States House of Representatives, not Anthony’s campaign staff.

All the candidates except Ferrer — who has no government staff — have been negotiating the often-breached line between government and politics, but at this point the rest have some kind of campaign apparatus for reporters to call. That may be why Anson’s quote is raising eyebrows around town this morning.

“We take the rules very seriously and we are making every effort to comply with them,” Anson told us. He said he spoke to the Times on his cellphone from outside his office, and on his own time, as the rules require. And he kindly emailed us a copy of those rules — yes, from his personal email account. The Fine Line