The Hardest Job in New York

Five days after news broke that Senator Chuck Schumer’s trusty press secretary, Stu Loeser, is leaving to work as a professional dirt-digger on Mayor Bloomberg’s re-election campaign, the Senator’s office is still scrambling to find a replacement.

We can’t imagine why the Schumer camp has yet to fill the vacancy — according to one job posting, the new Stu will be responsible not merely for the “conception” but also the “creation” and “execution” of Mr. Schumer’s Sunday press conferences. But we would like to help out if we can. So herewith, we post a job announcement that Mr. Loeser blasted across the Internet earlier today.

From: “Loeser, Stu (Schumer)”
Subject: Still Seeking Press Secy for Schumer NYC Office

“Some of you received an earlier version of this email that hedged a little on whether Schumer’s office is actually hiring. We absolutely, indisputably are. I am leaving Schumer’s office, and we need someone fast to take over many of my responsibilities.


“This person would serve as Chuck’s primary liaison to the New York City and Long Island press corps and would be responsible for generating and managing his coverage there. The person who takes this job would also be responsible for the conception, creation, and execution of Chuck’s Sunday press conferences.


“We are going to make this hire very quickly, so we are quickly trying to gather some resumes.

“If you or anyone you know are interested in the job, please submit resumes ASAP to … .Please feel free to forward this message or post it on relevant listservs. Thanks, Stu.”

Okay, all you press flaks: on your marks, get set, go! The Hardest Job in New York