WSJ: Pataki’s AWOL

Many Albany observers are under the impression that George Pataki has decided to sacrifice his local popularity to court the national Conservative movement.

If that’s the plan, it isn’t working very well. Here’s the conclusion of an editorial comparing Pataki with Governor Arnold in today’s Wall Street Journal:

“Come to think of it, Mr. Schwarzenegger sounded a lot like George Pataki circa 1994, the year he first won the Governorship. Back then, Mr. Pataki was the one pushing for fiscal constraint and vowing to fight the special interests. That Governor Pataki has been pretty much AWOL since the end of his first term. Listening to him this week, you wouldn’t know that the state’s fiscal problems today are on balance worse than when he took over 10 years ago. If Mr. Pataki wants to rediscover his political convictions, or at least an agenda, he might give Arnold a call.”

Your desk at Park Strategies awaits, Governor. WSJ: Pataki’s AWOL