Azi Paybarah

The winner of the highly competitive Politicker Intern Contest is Azi Paybarah, who will be splitting his time between us and his current employer, the Queens Tribune. In the interest of transparency and political diversity, we inform you that he’s a lifelong New Yorker and registered Republican (you could have found that out yourself, if you cared) who once worked for the now-nonpartisan John Ravitz.

Expect to see Azi at those far-flung evening political events you insist on conducting, particularly in Queens, where he dropped in on the Northeast Queens Republican Club last night in time to witness the Mayor picking up the second-string Queens Republican endorsement.

Azi tells us State Senator Frank Padavan did his best to convince the mayor that his was the real endorsement, representing “more than 100,000 of the 192,000 votes you got in Queens last time.” OK. Azi Paybarah