Brecht Award Nominee: John Liu

You may recall that a couple of weeks ago, we introduced the Brecht Award for ridiculous press releases.

City Councilman John Liu has been hammering a Hot 97 morning show host, Miss Jones, since she played a stupid, offensive song making fun of Tsunami victims a couple of weeks ago.

Now, we don’t mean to say that Miss Jones didn’t deserve hammering. But the tone of the press releases just gets more and more hysterical. A recent one insisted, “They must pay dearly for the hurt they have inflicted in New York and across the world.”

Across the world?

Here’s the latest:

For Immediate Release
CM Liu: “Scheduling Miss Jones’ Return on Asian Lunar New Year Day is Another Example of Emmis Corp’s Irresponsibility”

Hot 97 Radio has decided to defer the return of Miss Jones to their Morning Show. Emmis Communications, owner of Hot 97, had announced last week that Miss Jones would go back on air February 9. February 9, 2005 is the first day of Asian Lunar New Year.

Council Member John Liu stated, “Emmis Communications demonstrated how utterly irresponsible they are in originally scheduling Miss Jones’ return on Asian Lunar New Year Day. By deferring Miss Jones’ return they have saved themselves from another level of community outrage.”

CM Liu added: “Emmis’ corrective action in this case doesn’t absolve them of overall responsibility for their outrageous hate programming broadcast over the public airwaves. Emmis must accept full responsibility, and do so by donating one week’s revenue – about $10 million – to tsunami relief charity.” Brecht Award Nominee: John Liu