Countdown to Bliss

Megan Abernathy and Greg Oldendorp Met: June 2003 Engaged: Jan. 30, 2005 Projected Wedding Date: September 2005 Megan Abernathy, a

Megan Abernathy and Greg Oldendorp

Met: June 2003 Engaged: Jan. 30, 2005 Projected Wedding Date: September 2005

Megan Abernathy, a slender, red-headed associate producer for the morning show Fox and Friends, and Greg Oldendorp, a lanky real-estate agent, plan to marry at Martha Clara Vineyard on the North Fork of Long Island. Both are 27.

The couple met at a mutual friend’s birthday party at that West Village kitschfest, the Cowgirl Hall of Fame. The 6-foot-2 Mr. Oldendorp first caught Ms. Abernathy’s eye after he pulled a cowboy hat from her roommate’s head (she had just removed it from a moose hanging on the wall)-an indirect way of flirting with Ms. Abernathy herself. “She was sitting up really straight,” he said admiringly. See, ladies? Good posture is important.

Mr. Oldendorp claimed he’s not a ladies’ man-“I’m smooth as gravel ice cream,” he said, conjuring a curious image-but Ms. Abernathy insisted that “his humor completely won me over.”

Five days later, he took the LIRR from his house in Massapequa and met her outside the Columbus Circle subway station for drinks at the Boat Basin, blocks from her apartment. “It was really hot,” Ms. Abernathy said. “That’s when I discovered that Greg sweats a lot.”

“I was sweating my ass off,” Mr. Oldendorp admitted. “All I could think of was that she was staring at my sweat.”

Ms. Abernathy wisely suggested a move to the air-conditioned Café Frida. “She ordered steak,” Mr. Oldendorp said. “How great is that?”

“Not to sound vain, but he was into me right away,” said Ms. Abernathy. “I really liked Greg, and I knew I was going to go out with him again. But I certainly didn’t know I was going to fall in love.” After all, he did live in … Long Island.

But “we both got used to the commute,” said Ms. Abernathy, who has to report to work at 4:30 a.m. In fact, she got so used to it that she is moving to Long Island ( gasp) after the wedding.

The marriage issue was pushed to the forefront when Ms. Abernathy’s oldest sister got engaged. “I told her she couldn’t hog a whole year” for wedding-planning hoopla, Ms. Abernathy said. During a trip to Florida that she won through the Miami Tourism Board, she requested a State of the Union from her boyfriend. “I just couldn’t wait,” she said. “I wanted to know where we were at.”

Mr. Oldendorp told her to simmer down. “I kind of felt like we were putting the cart in front of the horse,” he said. “I knew after just a few months that I wanted to marry Megan, but come on! I’m a guy.” And so began the tears. “Her face just turned to mush,” he said. “I felt kinda bad.”

The next night, he announced they had reservations for 6:30 at a fancy seafood restaurant. What are we- grandparents? thought a still-disgruntled Ms. Abernathy.

After the early-bird meal, Mr. Oldendorp led her down to the beach, where he blindfolded her as if for some kinky sex romp, then led her to a picnic blanket. Ms. Abernathy felt the heat of a blazing fire. Removing her blindfold, she caught sight of an eight-foot-tall sand castle, blazing with torches and embellished with the couple’s names. Mr. Oldendorp had commissioned it days earlier, after securing her family’s permission and her late grandmother’s ring, a two-carat diamond set in platinum. “By the time I proposed,” he said proudly, “we had about 75 people gathered around us, cheering.”

Adam Pollock and Denise Walos

Met: 1995 Engaged: March 24, 2004 Projected Wedding Date: May 21, 2005

Denise Walos was just 18-a platinum-blond-bobbed undergraduate at Hunter College who was interning in the publicity department of Island Records. Adam Pollock was 15 years her senior, the tattooed director of marketing at the company. “He looked like Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode,” cooed Ms. Walos, now 28. Mr. Pollock thought she was cute too-a “rocker, raver kid,” he said-but wouldn’t dare let his imagination run wild. Plus, he had a girlfriend.

Five years later (he had left the company, and the lover), Mr. Pollock noticed Ms. Walos across the crowded nightclub Spa during a party for Black Book magazine, her hair now considerably darker and more natural. “Look, there’s my new girlfriend,” he remarked to a friend. Witty repartee ensued, and over the next few weeks he arranged some intimate, formal evenings à deux: “performance jazz” theater, drinks and dinner at the Boathouse in Central Park (“I like to drink,” she’d told him at Spa). Ms. Walos was dazzled. “The guys I had dated before never took me out on dates,” she said. “I had been with a bunch of jerks who all called me their friend.”

They quickly discovered that Mr. Pollock was interviewing for a senior marketing position at Mammoth Records, where Ms. Walos had just started as a coordinator. That would make him her boss. Still waiting to hear whether he was hired, the fledgling couple took a trip to Montauk.

“I love you,” he told her over dinner at the Oyster Pond restaurant.

“Are you drunk?” she said.

Sure enough, Mr. Pollock got the Mammoth job, and the couple worked together in blissful unethicality for a year and a half, until the label folded. The Love Beat requested an employee evaluation. “High energy, good attitude, gets her work done very quickly,” he said. “Highly motivated-when she wants to be.”

Ms. Walos, meanwhile, concluded that Mr. Pollack “was the amazing guy I thought he was. He’s just so laid-back and smart and cool.”

On Sept. 11, 2001, there was a turning point in their relationship (literally) when Mr. Pollock, exiting the Canal Street subway, saw the World Trade Center on fire. He began running south to company headquarters on Franklin Street, against the flow of panicked human traffic, to make sure his girl was O.K.

In 2003, they moved together to a Dumbo two-bedroom (and two-bathroom). “We both need our own space,” Ms. Walos said. “But we need each other as well. He is my absolute best friend in the world.”

And so they’ll marry in front of about 40 friends and family members at Las Vegas’ Little Church of the West, with dinner at the China Grill at Mandalay Bay, followed by drinks and dancing at the ominously named Rum Jungle. “Adam and Denise-always a party,” said Mr. Pollock, who is now 43. “That’s kind of our theme.”

He proposed while they were on vacation in Key West, Fla., presenting a contemporary-cut purple tanzanite set in white gold that he’d found during a lunchtime stroll to the diamond district. Mr. Pollock currently runs the music-marketing firm Secret Weapon. And Ms. Walos? She’s abandoned her rocker-grrl roots for a job as director of client services at StartBank, a mergers-and-acquisitions company. Countdown to Bliss