Cybersquatter Gets Paid

The Bloomberg money has apparently begun to flow in earnest, and among the first beneficiaries seems to be Ed Gorman, a retired police captain from Brooklyn who was clever enough to purchase the URLs,, and back in 2003.

Just this week, Gorman told us, he received an anonymous offer of $5,000 for the domains, which he happily accepted. Not a bad return on an investment of less than $100. And in case you’re in a speculating mood,,, votemikein2005, and are all available.

Gorman, a registered Republican who lives in Bensonhurst, told us he’s “generally supportive,” of the Mayor. But, like any wise investor, he hedged a bit. Now he’s hoping some interested Democrat will take off his hands.

Meanwhile, a candidate with somewhat shallower pockets, C. Virginia Fields, has a cybersquatter problem of her own. is currently occupied by an anonymous, and extremely vitriolic, enemy.

UPDATE: It’s been pointed out to us that Virginia’s critics are less anonymous than we’d thought, though no less vitriolic. The site is registered to the hard-to-please folks over at TenantNet.

Cybersquatter Gets Paid