De Blasio Backing Freddy

The “surprising” endorsements are starting to roll out in earnest in the Mayor’s race, and today we hear that Bill de Blasio is set to announce his support for Freddy.

The move is kind of a no-brainer for the Brooklyn Councilman, who makes no secret of his ambition to be the next City Council Speaker and who can use all the goodwill he can get from the Bronx.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not interesting. We’re probably not the only ones who see this endorsement as important in that it reflects the considered judgement of a guy with very good political instincts. De Blasio, a former political operative, worked for David Dinkins and for Hillary. While serving in the Council, he ran
John Edwards’s local campaign. Now he’s betting on Freddy, or at least betting Freddy can help him.

We’re told Bill broke the bad news to Gifford this morning. De Blasio Backing Freddy