Dead Conservatives

The signs of weakness and disorganization over at the once-powerful Conservative Party have been growing clearer and clearer. The most obvious is the volume of Mike Long’s voice. He’s been out on his stump more than any self-respecting back-room power broker should be.

Now it emerges that the Board of Elections has disqualified 8 Conservative Party officials in Brooklyn. That’s because they’re dead, in one case for 9 years.

(We have this from a conservative blog, Right Side of New York. We’re a bit puzzled by the debate below on whether we’re neocons or more traditional conservatives(!?), but we’ll risk inflaming it further by admitting that we read conservative blogs.)

Anyway, the blogger who turned this up links to a nice .pdf image of one of the Board of Elections notices. He also notes that Brooklyn is Long’s home borough.

“Remember, just because you died almost 10 years ago doesn’t mean that you won’t have a promising political career ahead of you in the Conservative Party.”

Dead Conservatives