Freddy Proposes, Gifford Disposes

We’ve never heard Gifford Miller mention Freddy Ferrer among his role models, but then, we haven’t spent enough time talking to him lately. (Yes, Steve, that was a shameless request for access.)


Freddy comes out against the stadium. Gifford (sort of) does the same months later. Freddy calls for a referendum on the stadium. Gifford does the same thing four days later. Freddy calls for open bidding on the rail yards. Gifford does the same thing two days later.

You can see how Freddy and his friends might be a bit irritated about this. All the more so because all they can do is write letters and hold press conferences. Gifford can convene hearings and pass legislation. Today, for example, Dan Doctoroff is doing Miller the great political favor of appearing in person to spar with him over the stadium. After a rough run with his unruly City Council, Miller seems finally to be getting his money’s worth out of being the second-most-powerful pol in town.

Meanwhile, who will remember that Freddy got there first? (Other than certain obscure bloggers, we mean.)

Freddy Proposes, Gifford Disposes