Freddy’s Christian Boycott?

Looks like Freddy isn’t getting much credit for his relatively cautious statements on gay marriage, which seemed to avoid the word “gay” rather strenuously.

We learned this up in the Bronx this morning, where State Senator Ruben Diaz led a meeting of Evangelical pastors outraged by the recent same-sex marriage ruling.

Diaz is a Pentacostal minister and the leader of a group representing hundreds of Hispanic Christian congregations in the Bronx and around the city. A rally last year at the Bronx courthouse brought out thousands. This morning, their outrage, in particular, was directed at Freddy Ferrer, who pressed Bloomberg not to appeal the gay marriage verdict.

“Freddy Ferrer has rejected us, the Evangelical Hispanic movement in the City of New York,” said Diaz, who was on his way to City Hall for a meeting with the Mayor. “We could ask the whole community to sit the election out.”

Subtracting this big chunk of the Hispanic base that Freddy’s relying on would, obviously, be a blow to the candidate. We asked Diaz if this was something he’d seriously consider.

“It’s an option,” he said. Freddy’s Christian Boycott?