Hillary and Howard

Read what you like into the lede of today’s Observer look at the relationship between Hillary Clinton and Chairman-to-be Howard Dean:

“Soon after Howard Dean took a solid lead in the race to lead the Democratic National Committee on January 31, Senator Hillary Clinton fainted in Buffalo.”

Lots of jucy stuff in there, but don’t miss this extraordinary quote from supermarket magnate and, for a minute, mayoral hopeful John Catsimatidis:

“A lot of the people who write the big checks are not happy about the Dean situation…. If you look at the 400 or 500 D.N.C. members, somebody told me that only [a handful] have written a check to the Democratic Party, which is ridiculous. I mean, they’re good Democrats, but they don’t have a stake. But we who write the checks, we don’t get a vote!” Hillary and Howard