Mayor Hitting Softballs

The City Hall press corps has a right to be a bit irritated by the details of Mayor Bloomberg’s private schedule, revealed in this Daily News piece.

The Mayor hasn’t given a real interview in more than a year. But he apparently found time to sit down with a reporter from Lifestyles Magazine and with “a little-known author…working on a book about Eagle Scouts.”

Over in Room 9, meanwhile, there’s been grumbling that Mike hasn’t granted a free-ranging sit-down to a newspaper reporter since Christmas of 2003. This winter, he ended the longstanding tradition of mayors granting year-end interviews to the major outlets. (We haven’t had a sit-down with him for longer than that, so perhaps we should go to the front of the line. Ed?)

Anyway, we’re not sure how Mike’s making time to talk about his Boy Scout accomplishments and his fancy houses fits with Skyler’s comment:

“The mayor’s schedule reflects that he is a tireless worker who is always doing his best for the people of New York City.”

Mayor Hitting Softballs