Originality Sweepstakes

Gifford Miller‘s supporters are expressing some irritation with us for noting that Miller demanded that the West Side Stadium site go to a public auction soon after Freddy Ferrer did the same thing. They point out that he told the Building Congress on November 18:

“Given the size of the public investment and the importance of the site, there should have been a competitive process to determine what would have been the best opportunity and the best investment for the City.”

We think this is a bit different from calling for open bidding, but we’ll leave it up to you to decide who is the deeper believer in free markets.

Meanwhile, in the same-sex marriage section of the Ferrer-Miller originality sweepstakes (read all about it in the comments section here), the argument is reversed: Freddy notes that he was in favor of gay marriage 20 years ago, and Gifford’s backers wonder where he was last year. Originality Sweepstakes