Outer-Borough Guy Reads “Observer”

We stopped in at Anthony’s speech at Columbia this morning, where he opened a new front on the Mayor’s relationship with NYC2012.

“When it comes to the Olympics, and the conduct of NYC2012…the mayor has created at least the perception of a ‘pay-to-play’ operation,” he said. “In light of the troubling news reports, the Conflicts of Interest Board should revisit its ruling that permitted the Mayor and his staff to fundraise for NYC2012.”

Weiner quoted from our story, and also cited reporting in the Village Voice and on WNYC.

Which raises another troubling question: What’s a crusader for the fed-up-outer-borough-working-guy doing reading our plutocratic, salmon-hued rag, not to mention a hippy-liberal free weekly and the favored radio station of the Upper West Side?

We asked Anthony about this apparent treason after the speech.

“I don’t actually read those publications,” he told us. Outer-Borough Guy Reads “Observer”