Our absence yesterday morning — We were reporting, OK? This is a hobby. — provoked a couple of people to wonder whether we’d gone the way of PoliticsNY, the must-read political website that appeared in late 2001 or early 2002, had everybody reading it, then seemed to lose its grip. The final “Throop’s Scoop” is dated February 25, 2004.

We once got obsessed with figuring out who was writing it, and failed utterly, other than to decide that the anonymous author is a conservative Jewish Democrat and to make Bruce Teitelbaum reject the Bruce-Teitlebaum-is-Enos-Throop rumor a couple of times.

We noticed the other day, though, that the site has been sporadically updating again, and that their latest link is to one of our own stories from January. Enos, is that a cry for help?

Anyway, we continue to deplore the dearth of good web coverage of New York City politics, and we’d like to see PoliticsNY back in time for the mayor’s race. PoliticsNY