Spitzer to Back Ferrer

We report today that Eliot is taking an early leap into the Mayor’s race, with an endorsement of Freddy Ferrer slated for this spring.

Our read is that “the Attorney General’s embrace of the former Bronx Borough President will likely be the single most important endorsement of the Mayor’s race and a centerpiece of Mr. Ferrer’s campaign.”

We heard a lot from Freddy’s rivals about how the overlapping political operations at 895 Broadway explain the alliance, but we’re inclined to discount that stuff in favor of looking at how they can be helpful to each other.

Also in the piece, Chuck and Hillary signal that they won’t be in the primary — though Chuck will back the Democrat — and Brian Hardwick holds out hope that Chairman Dean will be of aid to his erstwhile Gifford.

CORRECTION: Gifford, Steve Sigmund points out to us, is not “erstwhile,” which means “former.” We thought it meant “steady.” We also hear the erstwhile Green aide did well on his GREs.

Spitzer to Back Ferrer