Taking a Chance on Weiner

On line at the 5th Avenue Bageltique in Park Slope on Sunday morning, we looked up to see a natty Anthony Weiner behind us on line, explaining that his mother lives up the street. We also had the chance to do a little, very informal poll, of the mixture of yuppies and older white Brooklynites who frequent the place.

A couple of older guys were the ones who recognized Weiner. “Councilman Winer” is how one regular introduced him to two older women, but never mind, that’s close enough. And after he left, our conversation with another Park Slope old-timer in late middle-age, Bill, seemed to support the theory that makes Anthony a strong candidate.

Bill, who called himself an independent, had voted for Giuliani twice, and then for Green. He doesn’t like Bloomberg, because Mike lacks a “bedside manner.”

Freddy? “Fernando Ferrer. He wants to raise taxes.”
Gifford? “I don’t even know what he looks like.”
Virginia? “Don’t know her.”

But he kind of liked Anthony, who had chatted with him briefly a moment before, and who he (rightly) associated with Chuck Schumer.
“Weiner, I could take a chance on Weiner,” he said.

Taking a Chance on Weiner