The Pataki Menagerie

We’ve had a number of suggestions as to which animal would best encourage Governor Pataki to talk to the press, which he hasn’t really done for more than a month.

Popular suggestions included the ostrich, which might make an uncomfortable costume, though we hear the Working Families Party actually has one in a closet. Then there’s the pig, if you want to be blunt about it. And the duck, if you like puns. Pete Sikora, being a bit loose with the word “animal,” suggests Fred Dicker in a maid’s costume. We admit we’d like to see that.

None of you literal-minded types seemed particularly interested in the Bushies’ dolphin or our gorilla-in-a-gorilla-mask.

We did, however, have one reader suggest a goat. “If it isn’t too busy producing yogurt for Libby.”

We stress that our non-partisan interest here is in open government. All the same, over to you, Wolfson.

The Pataki Menagerie