Three’s Company For No. 2 Job

There are two conspiracy theories about Michael Benjamin‘s bid for Public Advocate: That he’s in it to help Freddy raise minority turnout; and that he’s in it to sabotage lawyer Norman Siegel on behalf of the incumbent, Betsy Gotbaum.

Those who think Benjamin’s bid is about something other than actually becoming Public Advocate can take comfort in the unusual postscript to a recent Benjamin email to prospective donors:

“P.S. I don’t have to give up my Assembly seat in order to run. This is an off-year-election. If unsuccessful, I will seek re-election to the Assembly in 2006.”

And the presence of an African-American man in the contest does complicate Siegel’s campaign, which notes prominently on its Website — under the first heading, “race relations” — that “His leadership will embolden citizens to speak their hearts on the charged issue of racialism as a factor in police misconduct.” Three’s Company For No. 2 Job