Virginia or Your Lyin’ Eyes?

Here’s the problem: The Democrats think that, to beat Bloomberg, they have to convince New Yorkers that the city is in some kind of deepening crisis. But Mike has a lot of statistics pointing the other direction. Not all of them, but the two biggest: crime and unemployment.

C. Virginia Fields has clearly considered this political problem, and her response is admirably simple. “Who you gonna believe,” she seems to be saying in the following press release. “Me or your lyin’ numbers?”

Here’s her response to the Preliminary Mayor’s Management Report:

“This litany of statistics doesn’t paint the full picture of city services. What I hear from New Yorkers as I travel throughout the city’s various neighborhoods, doesn’t add up with the Mayor’s version. Additionally, I think it’s highly ironic that the Mayor would say city services are improving, following a subway fire that exposed outdated equipment, lax security, and too many versions of what went wrong.

“If the Mayor wants to know how our city is really doing, he should stop and talk to average New Yorkers instead of relying simply on statistics.”

Well, sure. But about those statistics… Virginia or Your Lyin’ Eyes?