Watch Out Vito!

Some more bad news for our favorite New York Republican Congressman, and his fellow Republicans in the New York delegation.

If New York or, say, America had an effective Democratic Party, that party would be launching a coordinated campaign against President Bush’s Social Security plan, putting a scare into Republican members of Congress that a vote for shifting Social Security money into private accounts could lose them their jobs.

The Dems aren’t quite up to it, but the small, effective Working Families Party is doing just that.

You can see the elements of their campaign here, and it’s textbook. From one flyer:

“Where does Vito Fossella stand? Call him today and demand to know if he supports the plan to privatize social security. …Tell Congressman Fossella you don’t want to gamble on your retirement.”

This kind of thing can really scare local pols, and Working Families does it very well, as they showed when they pushed State Senate Republicans into backing a higher minimum wage. Watch Out Vito!