Another Election

Sorry about the light posting over the last few days. We were on a secret Politicker mission in London, where we were reminded what real newspaper wars look like and how generally mild our politics are.

So if you’re looking for a little distraction over the next couple of months, check out the British press. They’re gearing up for an unexpectedly tight race between Tony Blair’s Labour and a Conservative Party under Michael Howard.

And the whole thing is looking, well, kind of medieval. The big Tory push last weekend was that perennial favorite: Down With the Gypsies!, a cause toward which they were steered by Rupert Murdoch’s Sun.

Labour, meanwhile, is crippled by the fact that the unpopular Blair and his more popular Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown, despise each other and seem to spend most of their time speaking to friendly reporters about their rivalry.

We can only hope it gets this lively over here. (Note to Col Allan: Do we have any Gypsies?)

Another Election