Anthony’s Right Turn?

We got a peek into what one Democrat might use as a political road map to higher office.

“I don’t think our appeal as Democrats should only be to liberal and moderates. We have become, Democrats have become true conservatives in Congress,” Anthony Weiner said proudly at yesterday’s National Jewish Democratic Council.

We asked the Congressman if this appeal to conservatives can work in his four-way Democratic primary for Mayor?

“If we couch it in terms of fiscal responsibility,” he told us. Ringing the fiscal responsibility bell against an incumbent mayor who already spent $5 million on his campaign sounds like a smart move.

But fiscal responsiblity is a message that got a bit more complicated after we heard from the NJDC’s keynote speaker, Hillpac spokeswoman Ann Lewis.

“If all of us sat down everyday and said, ‘Okay, what would give us the lowest tax bill?’ we might not be such strong Democrats,” she said. As for getting that value-based message out to value voters without the pesky right-wing media getting in the way, Lewis explained, “We do our politics with the media you have not the media you’d like to have.” Anthony’s Right Turn?