Bob Johnson at Gracie

We stopped in at Gracie Mansion this morning for the Mayor’s annual, packed Irish-fest, complete with the obligatory awful jokes: “The first Irish-Jewish Mayor, Ed O’Koch” and “Bloomberg” is “actually Gaelic for ‘two terms.'”

Also there was the non-Irish Bronx District Attorney, Robert Johnson, looking extremely content over his green tie. Perhaps he’d seen the morning’s papers, in which Freddy took an unprecedented beating from Katidou Diallo, from black politicians and from columnists. (Purnick: “Mr. Ferrer has perfected the art of consistent inconsistency.” McManus: “Fernando Ferrer is either one of the most cynical fellows ever to seek Gracie Mansion, or one of the dumbest.”)

Johnson told us that in his unusual, scathing statement that noted Freddy’s history of switching positions, he’d been referring to the death penalty, not the Kevin Cedeno shooting, as some had thought. We asked him if he wanted to expand on his statement.

“It said what it said,” he told us cheerfully. Bob Johnson at Gracie