Caucus Overload

The City Council‘s various identity-group caucuses have so far mostly been a source of amusement based on who they decide to let in and keep out. At various points, David Weprin, who has Cuban-Jewish roots, tried to join the Black, Latino, and Asian Caucus; while Allan Jennings, who has some Jewish heritage, went for the Jewish one. Both had legitimate claims, however these things are determined, but each was the source of much merriment at City Hall.

But now we’re hearing that the place is practically overrun with caucuses, which can take unusually specific forms.

The latest, according to a March 8 letter that went out to members of the council’s Women’s Caucus, is the “Women’s Heart and Stroke Caucus.”

Not to make fun of the diseases, but is this really a political unit? Caucus Overload