Dems’ Leftward March

If you’re interested in more evidence of the organized Democratic Party’s leftward tilt, this Nation article on the relatively conservative Democratic Leadership Council opens with a telling anecdote about party star Barack Obama.

Back in May of 2003, the DLC published its annual list of 100 favorite politicians, and Obama’s inclusion caught the attention of a magazine called the Black Commentator. Check out Obama’s reply to the magazine’s inquiry:

“Neither my staff nor I have had any direct contact with anybody at the DLC since I began this campaign a year ago,” Obama wrote. “I don’t know who nominated me for the DLC list of 100 rising stars, nor did I expend any effort to be included on the list…. I certainly did not view such inclusion as an endorsement on my part of the DLC platform.”

Says the Nation: “The message was clear: The DLC needed Obama a lot more than Obama needed the DLC.”

And that was before the 2004 election, the resurrection of Howard Dean, etc. It’s a reminder that despite his fresh face and new language, the Democrats’ hottest prospect hails from the, well, Democratic wing of the Party.

Of course, as Hillary‘s supporters will tell you, there’s no requirement that the Democratic Party and its nominee have much in common. Dems’ Leftward March