Devil’s Advocates?

He’s the Republican most New Yorkers love to hate (remember how fast we torpedoed that plan for the S.S. GOP before the convention) but Tom DeLay does have a few friends in the Empire State. The only New York legislator to contribute to the embattled pesticide salesman-turned-House-Majority-Leader’s legal defense fund was Syracuse’s James Walsh, who gave $1,000 according to Public Citizen’s recent analysis.

Other friends of Delay included a few anonymous donors and the following companies:

IDT Corporation (Telecommunications): $5,000
Mallory Factor (Advertising): $1,000
Philip Morris (Agriculture): $5,000
Stidd Systems, Inc. (Military): $5,000

DeLay has raked in more than $250,000 since the indictment last fall of two his closest political operatives in Texas, according to the latest financial disclosure statements. Devil’s Advocates?