Hill And Chuck Have Lox To Talk About

There were more than bagels for us to nosh on at our (Azi’s) first Jewish Community Relations Council Congressional Breakfast yesterday.

Anthony Weiner looked right at home at the 92nd Street Y as he gave a power handshake to JCRC’s Chairman of Government Relations, Richard Stone. Anthony then blended mayoral politics and hometown pandering into a trademark one-liner. “Seven years from now, when we celebrate dof yomi, we’ll have a giant new stadium in Queens to do it in.” (This year’s celebration was in another much talked-about stadium.)

Less laughable stuff came from Anthony’s old boss, Chuck, who quoted some judicial nominees he helped block.

“One said, this was for Arkansas – a state that is 35 percent African-American — he said slavery was god’s gift to white people.”

“Another – for the woman in the room – said the purpose of a woman is to be subjugated to her man.”

“Another one said there should be no zoning laws. Any zoning law is an unconstitutional taking of property.”

“Another one said – this is for the D.C. Court of Appeals, that has jurisdiction over all labor law, said there should be no labor laws. No Child Labor Laws, no Minimum Wage Laws, no Worker Protection Laws. All those were unconstitutional, unconstitutional takings from employers. These are not just, you know, crackpots giving out literature or speaking on the soapbox. These are people nominated to the highest courts of our land.”

Hillary, who’s been to the highest office of our land, sounded like someone who knows how to get back there, when she explained you can’t make friends anywhere by cutting Medicaid and Social Security.

“Our economy and how we treat our people here at home is directly related to the kind of political support we can count on for waging the battle against terrorism and for freedom around the world…this is not foreign policy on one hand, domestic policy on the other. These are joined…being strong abroad requires us to be strong at home.” Hill And Chuck Have Lox To Talk About