Joel Klein, Attack Dog

And so it turns out that Mike Bloomberg’s most effective political surrogate is his schools chancellor, Joel Klein.

Here’s what Klein has to say about Anthony and Freddy, hot off the NY1 wire:

“[T]he other night you had Anthony Weiner on here. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about but he’s going on and on. He says we’ve got a leadership academy, he says, for principals – one of the best things we’re doing – he says it’s funded with public money. He says it’s got all the wrong money. It’s all funded with private money….They don’t care what the facts are. I mean Weiner said publicly he said we only teach Spanish, no other languages in our schools. I had to crack up, you know. His own mother corrected him, said, ‘Oh no that’s not right’….

“Mr. Ferrer was in office for many, many years. Right? What did he do? What happened to those kids then? You know, when he was borough president, right, what was going on in this city? How long are we going to have to wait?”

We’ve heard Anthony’s response to the first attack. He argues that money is fungible, and charity shouldn’t go to pet projects, but to the general fund. Not sure what he says to his mom. As for the line on Freddy, we expect we’ll be hearing just a bit more of that.

Joel Klein, Attack Dog