Kruger Responds

State Senator Carl Kruger took exception to our recent revisiting of the end of the 2001 mayor’s race and in particular to the point — which we did not make — that he played a role in the Sharpton-Ferrer flyer.

What we reported, and stand by, is that he played a key role in Green’s South Brooklyn operation. His complaint, it seems to us, is with the Bloomberg campaign, as quoted in New York Magazine.

Anyway, here’s what he wrote, minus an obligatory Mark Twain quote.

“Today a Politicker ‘blog’ repeated the lie that I was involved in the ‘racist’ Green campaign flyer. These are the facts. I attended a lunch of Mark Green supporters and campaign staff where the idea of such a flyer surfaced. I told them in the strongest terms that it was wrong. After leaving the lunch I contacted Fernando Ferrer. I then notified the Green campaign that I could not support Green and would endorse Ferrer for Mayor. The day after the lunch I campaigned with Fernando Ferrer with Assemblyman Peter Abbate at the AMICO senior center in Brooklyn. I sincerely hope that this finally ends the travels of this baseless lie.”

Perhaps somebody else who knows his or her way around Nick’s Lobster House can straighten the whole thing out for us.

UPDATE: Hmm. We’ve just been sent a November 2, 2001 Daily News story in which one Brooklyn politician defends the decision to use that flyer:

“My perception was, prejudice is in the eyes of the beholder. If someone is supporting someone’s campaign, there’s no reason on Earth why someone else can’t point that out,” Senator Kruger said. Kruger Responds