Mayor’s Long Weekend

We were ready to consider Mike‘s Purim golfing expedition a quick breather, since he indicated on his radio show that he’d be back in time for the Easter Parade.

But Newsday has been hammering him on a couple of points that bear repeating:

-That radio show the mayor taped from Bermuda — it appears on his public schedule as “Live from City Hall.”

-And about that Easter Parade, writes Newsday:

“Bloomberg was nowhere to be seen on the Easter Parade route Sunday, despite a remark he made during last week’s radio show on WABC/770 AM that seemed to imply he was planning to march.

“‘Good morning John,’ Bloomberg told WABC host John Gambling on the broadcast, which aired Friday. ‘It’s going to be a nice weekend … Will I see you on Fifth Avenue with a hat and flowers on it?'”

The answer, apparently, was “no.” Mayor’s Long Weekend